About Robert

I made a career change to the nonprofit world in 2001 after spending more than a decade in banking and finance. Back then I was pretty happy. I had a wonderful family, hobbies like playing guitar and work where I was well paid for my efforts. But something was missing. I wanted to do work where I could make a difference in the lives of others. So I went looking…

I was fortunate to learn that I could do much of what I enjoyed – presenting big ideas, creating relationships and yes, making the BIG ASK – as a nonprofit fundraiser. I’m grateful that since then, I’ve raised millions in support of senior care, homeless services, education, healthier lifestyles, youth services as well as the fight against heart disease, cancer and type 1 diabetes.

In 2006, I discovered the joy of endurance sports. I was drawn to the challenge of pushing beyond boundaries, tackling big goals and developing the discipline to complete these events. I embrace these same principles in my professional life. My passion for the power of endurance sports connected me with opportunities to help charities grow their running, cycling and triathlon events. My proudest accomplishment was launching my own nonprofit called Teens Run Westchester where we use distance running to help young people learn about setting and achieving big goals.

Nonprofit Now! was launched to help nonprofits and their leaders reach their goals—and set new ones!

I specialize in helping you achieve the impossible. Because nothing is impossible.

Whether it’s helping you launch your nonprofit, establishing a nonstop fundraising machine or building a rockstar leadership team, look to me as a trusted partner that can help you build your Nonprofit Now! I welcome the opportunity to help grow your impact and look forward to hearing from you.

NOW is the time for your NONPROFIT to be all it can be!

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