• Have you been dreaming about starting a nonprofit but not sure how to get started?
  • Are you and your team tired of doing what you always do because well, that’s the way you’ve always done it?
  • Are you and your board frustrated with the yearly grind of “figuring out how to keep things going and stay afloat?”

If you answered yes to some or all of the above, you’ve come to the right place!

I’m all about moving you and your charity towards the excitement of possibility and achievement of your vision for real change. It’s my privilege to support you as you create the impact you’re looking to have in the world. I work with nonprofits and their leaders on the following:



Starting Your 501(c)3

You’ve got an amazing idea that will change the world. So, now what do you do? Working together, we can make your dream a reality! I’ll coach you through the thought process that takes you from vision to viable charity. With the aid of the Nonprofit Now! team offering expert legal, accounting and operational guidance, you’ll launch effective programs, recruit top board and volunteer talent, and raise the funds necessary to maximize your impact.

Establishing the Development Program

Who loves fundraising? Everyone, right? Listen, it’s never that easy but if you have a plan and the right strategies, you can be truly effective. Who knows, you may even have some fun! I can help you launch a fundraising operation that brings in the funds needed to achieve your mission. I’ll work with you to develop your budget, recruit top talent for your front and back office and train you in best practices that will make you a fundraising expert.


Launching New Events and Campaigns

Your Board Chair wants a gala. Your top donor offers to lead a capital campaign. But you love running and your best racing buddy just raised $5k fundraising for a marathon. Now you have to choose one… I’ll help you cut through the noise and find the right campaigns and events that build your brand and connect with your work. Whether it’s kicking off an acquisition campaign to find new donors, creating a major gifts program, or launching an event that offers an amazing donor experience, I’ll work with you to build it from zero to sixty (or seventy, or eighty…)


Building Your Board of Directors

Do you have a board or do you have a BOARD? Your organization deserves the very best and that’s what you’ll have after we assess your organizational needs, identify gaps and work together to recruit and train a Board of Directors that delivers the strong leadership you need.

Speaking and Training

Let me jumpstart your success by sharing what I’ve learned and experienced over nearly two decades of nonprofit work. I welcome the opportunity to speak to future world-changers, whether it’s your board, volunteers, staff or professional association, about how they can be highly effective nonprofit leaders and maximize the impact of their organizations.

Executive Coaching

You’re naturally creative and resourceful! How do you make that work for you in your role as a nonprofit leader? Are you doing what you say you’ll do? Do you show up every day passionate, committed and ready to make a difference? Working together, we’ll form a partnership that supports your personal development and enhances your leadership skills.

Let’s Do This!

Welcome to New Thinking from Nonprofit Now! which covers a range of topics that can help you and your nonprofit tap into new ideas and approaches on maximizing your impact.

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The thing I appreciated most is that Robert’s toolbox was full of implementable strategies, he never used a once-size-fits-all approach. He took the time to actually have a dialogue and meet our nonprofit where we are at, and that made all the difference.


I feel our T.E.A.M. Program will reach the next level when I can put Robert’s advise into motion. His experience and guidance have not only educated me on how I can expand our program, he has inspired me as well.


Robert gets it! He understood that we were new to both online fundraising and recruiting the younger generation to support our efforts. His ideas looked at the larger goal and helped define incremental doable steps. Time well spent!


I worked with Robert on a board development project over a period of about four months. Robert was very professional, but also very personable. He took time to get to know the organization and gather all of the information he needed to best help us. Communication was clear and efficient, which is important! He proposed realistic ideas in a range of levels that we presented to the full board. Our board was very pleased with the ideas and we have already started working toward our new board development goals.


Because of Robert’s past experience guiding nonprofits and their boards to improve their performance, he was able to set up a process through which our current board could assess itself and reflect on its current composition. He presented a very organized board profiling system and kept in regular touch to guide the project. The questions he asked stirred very important discussions between our staff and our board. This project is helping our board members refine their search for new members with renewed energy and better understanding of the process.


About Robert

In March of 2001, I realized I had lost my passion after over a decade in financial services. Looking for something more, I realized I could use my skills—talking about big ideas, building relationships and yes, asking for money—in a meaningful way, as a fundraiser for nonprofits doing important work.

Since 2001, I’ve learned about a lot more than fundraising. I helped young people in my community by starting a mentoring nonprofit. I’ve launched development programs, events and campaigns for other great nonprofits. Finally, I’ve led growing organizations by recruiting and training boards that can provide the critical leadership needed.

I want to share what I’ve learned with you and your organization. Contact me so we can start growing your Nonprofit Now!

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